Peel Regional Aquarium Club Fall Auction, Fish Show & Shrimp Competition – Sunday October 28th, 2018

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PRAC Aquarium Auction & Show is Open To The Public, all tropical fish hobbyists & buyers & sellers of aquarium related items. There is No Cover Charge. The PRAC Auction often brings in 1000+ items, including fish, invertebrates (esp. shrimp ), aquatic plants not often seen in your LFS, (local fish store) & live food cultures bred & raised by local & out-of-town hobbyists. We'll also have NEW & Used equipment such as filters, heaters, tanks (40g &under), aquarium stands and dry goods such as books, food or other related aquatic items.

Our Annual Fall Auctions regularly attract buyers and sellers from around the Greater Toronto Area, all across Ontario, Quebec, New York State and beyond.


REAL–TIME LIVE LIST of ALL AUCTION Items is available ONLINE to both Registered Buyers & Sellers alike.
PRE–REGISTER at if interested in viewing a live list online of all auction items. More Info in Sellers Rules.

Plenty of Free Parking, Family Friendly & Lunch / Snacks / Refreshments available.

Buyers are welcome all day!

Auction Rules & Procedures

Buyers:    Sunday Oct 28th, 2018, Auction starts at 10:00 AM

Buyers Auction Rules Printable PDF
  1. All Buyers wishing to participate at the PRAC auction can register in person on auction day to obtain a bidder card from 9:00 AM onwards.  Form of payment : CASH ONLY, due on each winning bid.   - ATM machine across the street  - ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  2. We use system & it provides all an online preview of lots available to buyers before auction begins & during. You can also view lots on tables prior to the auction & during intermissions throughout the day. All upcoming lots will also be displayed on a presentation screen during auction.
  3. PRAC Auctions are live, lively & fast-paced, and is a variant of the Japanese Auction Style, except you remain seated & raise your bidder card in designated bidding areas only(main seating in front of auctioneers & in line at Cashier).
  4. To bid. . . raise your bidder card up at beginning of lot being auctioned & keep card raised as long as you're interested in this lot. Make sure the auctioneer sees you (BE vocal, YUUUUP! Wave card around). If you lower your bidder card at any time, you will be considered out of the bidding for that particular lot. ONLY use bidder card to signal a bid( as auctioneer will not consider your hand). Last bidder card remaining up, wins bid & the item lot.
  5. Reminder : Auctioneers will announce each new bid & you will get a chance to raise your bidder card. But after bidding has started, no new cards will be recognized as active bidders. This is much simpler for the auctioneers to keep track of bidders.
  6. All items are sold on an "as is basis". Please, thoroughly inspect any items you are interested in before purchasing. Once the auctioneer announces an item sold, ownership immediately transfers to the winning bidder. PRAC representatives or auctioneers give no guarantee or warranty on any items in the auction.
  7. Runners bring all winning lots to cashier table. At this time, walk over to cashier, present your bidder card, pay for & take your items back to your seat. PRAC representatives will provide assistance to those who need extra help. When bidding on a number of lots in a row, you can wait to pay & collect your lots at the cashier within a reasonable time, 5 minutes or so.
  8. Once purchased, buyers are responsible for the security of their own lots or items. PRAC, auction staff, volunteers & venue will not be responsible for items once purchased. All purchased items must be removed by end of auction day.
  9. PRAC kindly asks all Styrofoam containers & coolers not be placed on chairs, but rather under chairs or placed at end of an aisle(without blocking) as seats & space will be limited. Please be courteous to your fellow hobbyist. Keep noise to a minimum. Please dispose of all garbage & recycling in designated receptacles. Our volunteers welcome your help to tidy up during & after the auction.
  10. Tables to be auctioned in random order, starting with the first. All remaining table will be auctioned in random order & will be posted as the auction begins. PRAC Auction will NOT offer "bump-ups" on auction items, as we move quickly through the lots. Auction ends when all lots are sold.
  11. Starting Price will be $2.00 & minimum bid increment will be $1.00 or more at the discretion of the auctioneer.
  12. The auctioneer's decision is final and absolute.

Sellers:    Sunday Oct 28th, 2018, Auction starts at 10:00 AM

Sellers Auction Rules Printable PDF
  1. Pre–Registration Online for Sellers starts One Week Prior to Auction Date. Friday, OCT 19th, 2018 9:00am to Saturday Oct 27th, 2018 6:00pm EST. Your lots can only be entered during this period at An online user guide is available to answer any questions on how to register, etc. Sellers must Pre–register by creating an account. After creating account, sellers can Join our PRAC Auction Group, enter your items / lots with descriptions & photos & then you can also print sheets / labels for your bags.
  2. IMPORTANT : STOP FEEDING YOUR FISH 2 TO 3 DAYS PRIOR to Bagging. * Never blow into bag with mouth *. Use 75% air & 25% Water. Use an air pump to fill, or close your bag by grabbing it high & twisting it down to form into a taut balloon. Use appropriate size bags. Large fish need large bags or can be in buckets, tanks and coolers to house fish for auction, & container will become part of and sold along with the fish it contains. Pairs, groups & aggressive fish can be split into multiple bags & tied together. NO USED bags! NO Twist Ties & NO ZIPLOC™ bags! Improperly bagged fish will not be allowed in the auction. Livestock that die during auction will be removed & returned to the seller. Remember, healthy fish get higher prices. For leaking or improperly bagged fish, a re-bagging fee of $2.00 each will be levied to all sellers. PRAC reserves the right to reject any leaky bags, livestock that appears to be deformed, sick or otherwise unsuitable items for sale.
  3. NEED HELP ? No Computer or email ? A PRAC rep will be available to assist with Online Pre-Registering & entering lots online for those without means to do so. Please give good notice, preferably days before, but up to a minimum of 3 hours prior to the deadline, and provide the lots you wish to sell at the PRAC auction.
    Contact our President Scott Vanderfleet via email:    scotmando123(at) gmail (dot) com     CALL OR TEXT:   1-416-885-5124
  4. Sellers entering the following information into the “description” field in usually benefit from higher prices. Quantity in Bag. Species Name (Latin & common if available) more $$$ Brief Description along with a picture of the mature fish is recommended.
    1. PAIR male/female of a species
    2. TRIO 2 females & 1 male
    3. REVERSE TRIO 2 males & 1 female
    4. BREEDING PAIR/TRIO/GROUP successfully spawned
  5. Day of Auction : PRAC will ONLY accept Pre–registered items or lots entered on website before the deadline (See Sellers Rule 1). ***Absolutely NO WALK-INS ON DAY OF AUCTION***(See Sellers Rule 3)
  6. Day of Auction : Check–in for Pre–Registered Sellers begins at 9:00 AM & finishes at 9:45 am. Please arrive early and report to a PRAC representative to receive your Official PRAC printed labels. All items MUST have an Official PRAC-generated label. The auction staff will not forward items up for auction unless they bear our label. We will have all labels printed & available on the day of the auction, and you can pick up your label sheets when you check in your items or lots.
  7. After receiving your PRAC labels, affix them to your bags/lots and submit all your items back to a PRAC rep for inspection and table placement. If a label is altered in anyway, it may be rejected. For every missing Pre–Registered Lot not brought to the auction by the seller, the seller must hand in the extra PRAC labels so these lots can be retired from the auction system.
  8. Once all lots have been auctioned off, the Auction Program will close & Sellers reports will be produced. These reports will be detailed as to the lots that you registered online and the price it obtained in the auction minus PRAC's commission. Sellers will receive 70% of the proceeds of a sale. No sellers will be paid out until the end of the entire auction. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. All “No Sale” lots will be put aside to be picked up by the seller. Any lots not claimed after end of auction, will become property of PRAC and disposed of at the discretion of the auction chair.
  10. Sellers Payment: At the end of auction, sellers will receive their report for review . Please have your bidder card & I.D. ready for verification to receive your payment & report. Should you decide not to wait for payment; a cheque will be mailed within 7 business days to the address provided when you registered online. A $4.00 admin fee will be deducted from the total owing to cover additional costs of mailing. Also, if PRAC encounters technical difficulties, cheques will be mailed in the same manner.
  11. Neither PRAC, auction volunteers, nor the auction site will be held responsible for loss or damage occurring before, during or after the auction.
  12. All Equipment & Dry Goods must be BNIB 'Brand New In Box or Bag' or USED, in proper working order & clean. PRAC reserves the right to reject any item that appears to be unsuitable for sale at the auction. Absolutely NO USED GRAVEL & NO ROCKS. Plants & livestock restricted by federal or provincial statutes will not be accepted.
    See List Below.
    2. Aquariums up to 40gal & / or stands
    3. Books ( related to Aquarium Hobby )
    4. Filters, Heaters, Air pumps, Canopies & Light Fixtures
    5. Driftwood, Collectables
    6. Food & Medication ( Un-opened & not-expired ) is acceptable.

PRAC thanks you very much for your continued support!

We hope to see you out at our PRAC Auction & Show and our next PRAC Meetings


Where is the PRAC Aquarium Auction, Fish Show & Shrimp Competition?

2018 PRAC Auction & Aquarium Show will be held at :
The Bramalea Lions Hall
45 Avondale Blvd, Brampton, ON L6T 1H1
just north of Steeles, off Bramalea Rd &
(close to Finatics Aquarium Shop)

PRAC Club Links

Fish Show & Shrimp Competition?
On A New Separate Page

PRAC 2018 Show Rules pdf

PRAC 2018 Show Entry Form pdf

PRAC 2018 ShowTags.pdf

PRAC 2018 ShowTags Windows

PRAC 2018 ShowTags Mac
  1. On Sunday Oct 28th, 2018, PRAC Fish Show will be open to the public & all Aquarium Enthusiasts.
  2. PRAC is inviting Specialty Clubs / Organizations to host & judge the show.
    The Clubs are:
    1. Southern Ontario Killifish Society S.O.K.S.
    2. Trans Canada Guppy Group
    3. Betta Breeders of Canada
    4. ShrimpFever
  3. Anyone is eligible to enter any number of fish/shrimp. You need not be a member of an Aquarium club.
  4. Registration opens 8:00am & all fish/shrimp must be registered by 9:45am.
  5. Entrants must provide their own clear container (with the required one flat side & a cover which can be removed for judging) and water for each entry in show. We will also post the winners on our website
  6. We will announce when the Show opens for public viewing, after 2:00 pm or when judging is complete.
  7. Get your Fish & Shrimp ready for a fantastic Aquarium Show with 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize in each Class & Best of Show for each Category
  8. General Show Rules in the blue bars. Please also refer to each Club's Own rules in the blue button bars above.