Peel Regional Aquarium Fish Club Show Competition – Sunday October 27th, 2019

PRAC Annual Fall Auction & Show is held at The Bramalea Lions Hall. Our Fish Show Competition is OPEN TO ALL. Including all Aquarium Enthusiasts, Non-Members and Members of Any Club, Our Club PRAC, The BBC, TCGG, SOKS & all others. This show will be held in conjunction with Our Annual Fall Auction on the same day.    Scroll down or Click for PRAC Show Rules & Printable Sheets .

PRAC's Fish Club Aquarium Show has NO COVER CHARGE & is OPEN to the Public for viewing after judging has finished. Come on down for a fun and exciting experience at our Aquarium Auction & Show.

Are you our next winner? Anyone can enter as many fish in the specific categories as they please. Have a look at the particulars below and bring in your live aquarium fish . Winners are awarded Ribbons for 1st, 2nd & 3rd and Best of Show for each Category. There is a small fee for each entry.

The PRAC Fish Show Competition regularly attracts contestants from around the Greater Toronto Area, parts of Ontario, Quebec, New York State and beyond.

When was the last time you were at an Live Fish Show Competition? It's the perfect place to see high quality, real live Show Fish that you wouldn't normally see at your LFS (Local Fish Store).

Peel Regional Aquarium Club 2019 Fall Show Classes

BBC Betta Breeders of Canada – Local Show Class List

District Class A: Self-Bred Betta Class

District Optional Class B: New Breeder Self-Bred Class

  1. (optional for entrants in their first 2 years of showing)

District Optional Class C: Collector Class

  1. (fish purchased by, traded, or given to entrant)

Total Classes: 3
Details in printable PDF document below.
All Betta fish are welcome

Betta Show Details Printable pdf

Trans Canada Guppy Group
– Show Class List

Delta Tail Guppy

  1. AG1. Male
  2. AG2. Female

Swordtail Guppy, All Styles

  1. BG1. Male

All Guppy Varieties - Delta, Sword or WGA

  1. CG1. Pairs

World Guppy Association ( WGA ) Style

  1. DG1. Male

Total Classes: 5

Guppy Show Details Printable pdf

SOKS Southern Ontario Killifish Society
– Show Class List

Killifish Classes

  1. AK1. Aphyosemion
  2. AK2. Fundulopanchax
  3. AK3. Killifish, All Other Varieties ( AOV )

Total Classes: 3

Killifish Show Details Printable pdf

PRAC 2019 Show Rules & Downloadable & Printable Sheets

PRAC Specialty Fish Show Competition Rules:

PRAC 2019 Show Rules pdf    PRAC 2019 Show Entry Form pdf    PRAC 2019 ShowTags.pdf

PRAC 2019 ShowTags Windows    PRAC 2019 ShowTags Mac
  1. On Sunday Oct 27th, 2019, PRAC Fish Show will be open to the public & all Aquarium Enthusiasts.
  2. Registration is onsite & opens 8:00am & all fish must be registered by 9:45am.
  3. PRAC has invited Specialty Clubs / Organizations to host & judge the show.
    The Clubs are:
    1. Southern Ontario Killifish Society S.O.K.S.
    2. Trans Canada Guppy Group
    3. Betta Breeders of Canada
  4. Anyone is eligible to enter any number of fish. You need not be a member of an Aquarium club.
  5. Need HELP ?   Contact our Show Chair Morgan Ruttle via email:    peelaquariumexec(at) gmail (dot) com
  6. Entrants must provide their own clear container (with the required one flat side & a cover which can be removed for judging) and water for each entry in show. We will also post the winners on our website
  7. Show opens for public viewing, after 1:00 pm or when judging is complete. An announcement will be made.
  8. Get your Fish ready for a Fantastic Aquarium Show with 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize in each Class & Best of Show for each Category
  9. General Show Rules in the blue bars. Please also refer to each Club's Own rules in the blue bars above.


Where is PRAC Fish Show Competition & Aquarium Auction held?

This Year's 2019 PRAC Auction & Aquarium Show will be held at :
The Bramalea Lions Hall
45 Avondale Blvd, Brampton, ON L6T 1H1
just north of Steeles, off Bramalea Rd &
(close to Finatics Aquarium Shop)

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